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The PC game Grand Theft Auto IV, belonging to the Action and Adventure genre, was globally released on Dec 2, 2008. It was developed and published by Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto IV game supports total controller usage and offers only Single-player mode. It can be played from a first-person perspective on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One/Series X and Series S, Mac OS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox 360 platforms. TheGamesDownload website provides free games download for PC, PlayStation 3/4/5, and Xbox, with both Direct and Torrent links available. The website also offers other games from the GTA category and other games, all of which can be downloaded for free.

In order to advance through the tale, players must accomplish missions, which are linear scenarios with predetermined goals. You might have multiple missions going at once because some of them make you wait for something to happen or for more instructions. When not engaged in a mission, players are free to explore the open world at their leisure and take on side quests. The universe of Liberty City, which is a fictional metropolis, is bigger than the ones in previous Grand Theft Auto games. Players can only access the first island—made up of Dukes and Broker—at the start of the game; as the tale advances, all other islands become accessible.

The game’s cover system lets you hop from one cover to another, fire aimlessly, target an enemy, and more. Parts of the body can be addressed individually as well. Additional maneuvers like avoiding, blocking, disarming, and counterattacking are part of melee attacks. You can utilize body armor to protect yourself from explosives and gunfire, but it depletes your supply quickly. The game ends, and the player respawns at the closest hospital when their health bar is empty.

Is Grand Theft Auto IV Game Working or Not?

You will definitely ask me this before downloading this file, I assure you. As I have personally tested this file and it is fully functional. Therefore, there is no need to worry because this file is 100% virus-free and fully functional. You may download it right away from my website.


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System Requirements


  • OS: Windows Vista – Service Pack 1 / Windows XP – Service Pack 3
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz
  • Memory: 1.5 GB XP / 1.5 GB Vista
  • Graphics: 256 MB Nvidia 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c Compliant Card
  • Hard Drive: 16 GB
  • Sound Card: 5.1 Channel Audio Card

Download Instructions

  • Click the Download Button, and you will be redirected to the link page.
  • Now Download the Game Setup.
  • Utorrent software is required to download from the Magnet link.
  • After installing it successfully, extract it by using WinRAR.
  • Double-click the “Game” folder after opening the “Grand Theft Auto IV” folder.
  • To play the game, double-click the “Grand Theft Auto IV” symbol. Enjoy!

Download Now

File Size: 7.5 GB

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